1) List your advert

Upload your job specifications on our system here and wait for the candidates to apply, it really is that simple. 
There is no charge what-so-ever to use our system and all shortlists are provided free of charge.

2) Shortlist generation

Our in-house recruitment specilists will now speak to candidates we feel best match your job specification. We also use one of the most advanced staffing systems available which allows us to contact staff quicker than most recruitment agencies. This allows us to generate candidate shortlists quicker than most other recruiters. 

3) Select candidates to interview

You will now receive a personalised shortlist of available candidates. Here you can view their profiles which feature lots of useful information and which the candidates have created themselves. You will need to speak to your recruitment agent and simply tell them the candidates you wish to interview. 

4) Interview your candidates 

You will now have the opportunity to interview as many candidates as you wish. We will set everything up you for you and keep you posted with the interview schedules. 

5) Offer the position 

Once you have decided who you want to employ then simply let us know and we will set everything up for you. We will need to send across the paperwork which you can sign online, so nice and easy. Then you are all set and your new employee will join you and your team on the set start date.

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